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Global E-commerce Experts is a world-leading agency that provides a complete e-commerce management solution for those wishing to expand in the US, UK and EU.

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Global E-commerce Experts

Here, to help you become the EUs next biggest seller.
We are a global leader in business expansion, specialising in complete e-commerce management services.

Looking to expand your business, but feel foreign markets may be a bit daunting? Not sure about VAT, taxes, currency exchange, Amazon’s FBA, duties and customs,  not to mention the product branding, marketing, PR and social media needed in a new market or country?  Should you try it on your own, or hire an accountant, PR agency, fulfilment specialist and translation expert in those new markets?


We have a simple solution, at Global E-commerce Experts we deliver highly successful business expansion plans with stellar E-commerce management solutions all under one roof for our clientele.

Here is our essential list of business expansion services.



Product Market Research

E-commerce Account Management

Ads, Marketing, PR, & Social Media

Complete 3PL

Warehousing & Fulfilment Services


Global E-Commerce Management Solutions

We are Experts in Amazon Sellers Account Management!

Businesses can get quickly discouraged when selling on Amazon. For some it can be very difficult and, without a strong knowledge of PPC, internet marketing or awareness of your product in a given region, it may seem futile.

Don’t worry, we are experts at managing our clients’ Amazon, e-Bay, Shopify, Cdiscount and Groupon accounts to name just a few.

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Our Services & Expertise

Our proven method will increase your e-commerce sales.
We will manage your entire E-commerce business from end-to-end.
It’s that simple!


We provide UK VAT & EORI registrations.

To learn more about our VAT Registration services click below.


We provide VAT services in the EU.

To learn more about our EU VAT services click below.

Product Market Research

We provide a complete market analysis and recommendations for your product sales.

To learn more about our Product Market Research services click below.

E-commerce Management

We provide complete E-commerce Account Set-up and Management for your business.

To learn more about our E-commerce Account Set-up and Management services click below.

Product Marketing

We provide complete branding, marketing, PR, social media and translation services.

To learn more about our Product Marketing services click below.

3PL Services

We provide complete shipping services and custom clearance for your products.

To learn more about our Logistics services click below.

Fulfilment & Warehousing

We provide complete fulfilment services as well as warehousing for our clients.

To learn more about our Fulfilment and Warehousing services click below.


We provide complete Translations from Listings, EBC and emails for your business.

To learn more about our Financial Management services click below.


Our Experts = Increased Sales 

At Global E-Commerce Experts we have every area of your business covered to increase your e-commerce sales.  We have some of the best accountants, market researchers, tax advisers, translators, marketing experts, custom and logistics pros and our very own warehousing and fulfilment facilities.

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We are E-commerce Management Experts

Our agents know how to get your products noticed on many of the major e-commerce selling platforms.
Amazon Resellers

There are over 244 million users and over 2 million sellers on Amazon world-wide.


It’s reported that eBay has about 167 million users and 25 million sellers world-wide.


Shopify is reported to have just over 100 million users and 350,000+ merchants world-wide.


Groupon statistics indicate it has 532.7 million customers and 7 million business pages world-wide.


There are over 7.7 million active users and 7,000 sellers on the CDiscount network.


Wowcher’s website offers daily deals allowing customers to buy a voucher which can be redeemed at business.

Not On The High Street
Not On The High Street

It is now reported that ‘Not On The High Street’ has just over 2 million users a month .


Jet has 4 million customers, 12 million listed products and processes 25,000 orders daily!

We are a leader in Global E-commerce Business Expansion!

At Global E-commerce Experts we know you time is valuable, so we have created a short video that explains how we can help you expand your e-commerce business!  Do let us know if you have any questions!

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We are experts in Financial Management Services

Global E-Commerce Experts will help you set-up your accounts in new countries to help you maximise sales.

Our team of financial experts will register your company in foreign markets, set up VAT accounts, help identify business opportunities, assist with currency exchange and provide cost analysis for your business. We also have a team of excellent bookkeepers, accountants and tax advisers to keep your business on track and profitable.

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How People Describe Our Service!

We thrive on our clients’ success!

Social Media
Public Relations
E-commerce Website Design
Product Videos

Product Marketing is Key

Our branding and marketing experts specialise in targeted product sales.

At Global E-commerce Experts our team is well equipped with the latest technologies to research your target audiences in any given country.  We can tell you if your product may need a different branding or marketing strategy to help bolster your sales.  Our Pay-Per-Click team continually undergo training on all the major platforms to ensure your products are getting top placement on the internet.  Let’s not forget social media, our campaigns and PR team know the latest techniques and technologies to spread the word about your products!

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Tired of the continual worry about managing your e-commerce?

We will manage your e-commerce business from end-to-end, hassle free!


Not sure about setting up your company in a foreign market?

Our financial management team has the expertise to help from set-up to daily management!


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We are a leader in global business expansion, let us take the stress out of sales!


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We have three bespoke e-commerce management solutions just for you!

Amazon Laptop

Listen Up!  It’s Our Top 3 FAQ’s!

Do you manage my Amazon, e-Bay and Shopify accounts?

Our e-commerce teams are experts in managing Amazon, e-Bay, Shopify and many other selling platforms for our clients! We understand the best way to leverage your Pay-Per-Click campaigns and ensure you never run out of stock.

How much do your services cost?

Each package has an associated start-up fee and in some cases a fixed monthly cost, particularly for new businesses which is so useful for budgeting. However for simplicity, we charge 10% commission.

How long does it take to get started?

Depending on the size of your operations and what markets you want to target, it typically take 30-60 days to get everything running. During the initial period, we set-up your company registration, VAT, provide market research, build product specific websites, develop a product marketing strategy and set-up services on Amazon, e-Bay and Shopify.

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