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Being successful post Brexit

Being successful post Brexit

Here at GEE our main focus, as you know, is to successfully expand international US-based sellers, into the EU. However, with that being said Brexit poses some slight difficulties in that regards as previously Sellers would be able to register in just the UK and still fulfill orders out to customers all across Europe via the EFN network. A cheap solution for a great opportunity to reach a huge new audience across multiple markets. The issue now becomes that as the UK separates from the EU this cross-border fulfillment ceases and to continue catering to buyers in both the UK and EU, you’ll require to be registered in both the UK and one EU marketplace country.

We’ve been urging the importance of the above to ensure you’ll be able to keep selling come January 1st, 2021, so that your venture into the EU and now soon to be the UK, is as successful as it can be. 

As the transition period end draws very near the topic has been the front of many questions we’ve received over the past several months, and rightfully so, it brings a huge change that will impact every seller. But we want to reassure you that as a UK based company, Brexit has no effect on our ability to assist with getting you registered and keeping you compliant in both the UK and EU countries to ensure your successful expansion can continue. 

We’ve done an absolute ton of content regarding Brexit and all of its intricacies, detailing the changes, the ramifications of these, as well as how best to prepare. From this content, we’ve compiled a masterclass playlist here for you to ensure you’re ready!

If you still have any questions or need assistance with getting registered in the EU and making the most out of your European expansions, please get in touch as soon as possible to see how we can help make it a success. 

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